The year is 2022, and after co-founding my first label (Detonate Records) almost (20) years ago with my best friend, I decided to start a new one by myself, seven years after our last release.

I have a deep love for hardcore, and it’s only grown stronger after all these years. I am a huge fan of what has been called ‘old school’ hardcore, and modern heavy hardcore with 80’s/90’s hardcore influences.

Crimewave Records is going to be putting out consistent releases from hardcore bands that would easily fit on the same bill. Being niche akin to older labels like Rivalry Records, 1917 records, and current labels like Youngblood Records and Triple B Records. I order every new release from these labels, it’s the kind of hardcore I listen to most, and I hope that as Crimewave Records grows, we will establish ourselves with hardcore kids who get records from solid labels while knowing they will get something great every time.

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