CWR-012 - Brass Tongue 'Dangerous World' Cassette (Release: Oct 2022)

CWR-011 - Brass Tongue 'Dangerous World' Compact Disc (Release: Oct 2022)

CWR-010 - Crimewave/From Within Sampler CD (Release: September 2022)

One-time press: 500 CDs

CWR-009 - Objective 'Loose Screw' Sampler Cassette (Release: September 2022)

CWR-008Statement of Pride 's/t' Cassette (Release: September 2022)

CWR-007Statement of Pride 's/t' LP (Release: September 2022)

CWR-006Force - Cassette (Released August 2022)

CWR-005Force - CD (Released August 2022)

CWR-004Statement of Pride 'A Fire Inside' Compact Disc (Released July 2022)

CWR-003Hard Target 'Double Impact' Cassette (Released July 2022)

CWR-002Hard Target 'Double Impact' Compact Disc (Released July 2022)

CWR-001 - Hard Target 'Double Impact' LP (Released July 2022)

1st Press: Teal Vinyl

Pre-order Covers: Hand-drawn /19

Record Release Covers: Hand numbered, limited RR Cover /31

Record Release Covers (Static Era edition): labeled 'S.E.', limited RR Cover /10